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Areia Salgada (100ml)

Areia Salgada (100ml)

The smell of the happiness on walking by those beautiful long white sand beaches with a light sea breeze on or even better, when we have a gin tonic with a zest of lemon at the end of the day at the “chiringuito” of Comporta Beach.


Top notes: elemi, apple, thyme, bergamot, cypress
Heart notes: cedar, jasmine, muguet
Base notes: amber, leather, patchouli


Perfumer: Daniel Josier


Our take: Areia Salgada is a delightful and uplifting fragrance. A fruity citrus opening with a warm and woody drydown make this one an instant crowd pleaser! Love at first sniff! 


Leans masculine


    Size: 100ml



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