Ocaso (100ml)

Ocaso (100ml)

7:30 pm, walking from the beach of Pego to Comporta, you are walking, your naked feet on the sand, and you have the goldish, sensual, carnal sunset in your eyes.


Top notes: bergamot from Calabria, petitgrain bigarade from Paraguay, absolute cassis from Bourgogne, extract CO2 of rose pepper from Peru
Heart notes: absolute jazmin grandiflorum from Egypt, absolute tuberose from India, tiaré, ylang-ylang from Madagascar, coriander
Base notes: benzoin from Siam, superabsolute green hay, honey, woody accord, modern woody accord


Perfumer: Stephanie Bakouche


My take: Ocaso is a complex fragrance with a lot of depth. Layered with floral notes and a soft warmth. A lovely and enticing fragrance. 




    Size: 100ml



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